Tantra & meditation

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“Tantra is a way of total love which leads to the freedom to be”

– Daniel Odier

Tantra is about pure freedom, about flowing intimately with all that life has to offer. Every now and then we all experience the connection with and openness to this free flow of manifestation which feels powerful, sensual, creative, free.

In Tantra we shine light on whatever is present for us moment to moment, on the expanded expressions of our energy as well as on the contracted manifestations. We exclude nothing, we embrace life as it manifests.

This process and practice can bring up some confronting stuff. Fear, anxiety, sadness, unmet needs…it can all become visible. But also encountering our incredible power, our desires, our fullness can be quite shocking. How to be and show up with all this?  

We work with powerful and effective practices that invite you to shine light on the beautiful and pure aspects of your being as well as on your vulnerable stuff and your shadow sides. You’ll notice that your fears, blockages and sad feelings have a lot to tell you and you’ll experience that embracing every part of yourself can truly free you.

Tantra & Sex

So, Tantra is about consciousness and not particularly about sexuality. Nevertheless the field of intimacy and sexuality can be a space where we can blossom and flow, whilst at the same time it can be a vulnerable and challenging place for truthful being. We all get stuck sometimes in feelings of fear, shame and insecurity when it comes to intimacy and sex; that’s why we bring special attention to authentic connection with ourselves and others in our work.

Why should we practice?

In the deepest essence we practice non dual awareness in which all forms (Shakti) manifest from awareness (Shiva) and dissolve back into it. Along this path of practice we encounter all kinds of difficulties that hold us back from flowing freely and living life as it is. 

We offer accessible programs with which we help you to let life unfold so you will get in touch with the natural qualities that emerge from your true nature, such as love, creativity and sensuality..

In doing so, we hold deep respect for the essential teachings. Non dual awareness lies at the heart of everything we do at House of Being.

Meet your guides

Mirjam Maela

Mirjam holds a master in Psychology and is trained as a coach specialised in working with language of the body. Over 18 years now she studies and practices Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhism) mainly at Rigpa and with Jan Geurtz.

Nowadays her main interest lies in Śaiva Tantra, studying and practicing these profound teachings with Hareesh Christopher Wallis and Daniel Odier.

Patrik Hansson

Patrik is a teacher of Vipassanā, mindfulness meditation and qigong. He brings his experience across many disciplines together in his work as a coach, facilitator and trainer. He currently studies with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He is passionate about creating safe spaces that enable deep learning and transformation. He loves to share practical tools and profound teachings.

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