On death, love & life | a 6-day retreat in Sweden (english)

AWAKEN and bring yourself back to your true ground

Presence – Love – Intimacy – Aliveness

Sunday, September 24, 2023, 5:00 PM –
Saturday, September 30, 2023,  3:00 PM

Lakeside Retreat Center
Gränsjön Hyttan, Glava, Sweden (map)

In this heart opening retreat you will explore and practice surrendering to the cycle of life and experience deep connectedness that springs forth from realizing who you truly and fully are.

Everything is always in transition


Maybe you have a slumbering feeling somewhere that it is of no use to hold on to your self created narratives. Nevertheless it is quite difficult to let life unfold by itself, to let go of control and to experience life as an unpredictable adventure in constant change.

A big fear we all face is the loss of things and people we like. The biggest fear of all is that of death – of losing your body and personal history.

So we grab hold of our stories in an attempt to keep things in place. We force ourselves into a matrix of judgements of what is right and wrong and strive to behave accordingly.

In itself there is not much wrong with our mental narratives. But if we take them to be absolutely true we tend to become identified and hold onto them. By squeezing ourselves into this format and idea of ourselves, we limit ourselves and miss life as it manifests moment to moment.

It takes a lot of energy to keep our lives in place. When we are stressed and caught up in the mental “trance”, we tend to tense our bodies and suppress our emotions. By doing so we lose touch with our natural lifeforce, our vital energy. Life energy gets frozen. We live on autopilot, feeling numb, drained or cramped.

Words from previous trainings

“Opening, epiphany, presence, calmness, liveliness”

“The safe space you provide with your warmth. Your profound knowledge. It all attributes to jump into the exercises completely and truthfully. The insights and growth in a weekend is amazing”

“The safe space you provide with your warmth. Your profound knowledge. It all attributes to jump into the exercises completely and truthfully. The insights and growth in a weekend is amazing”

Loved the way Mirjam explained and talked to us, that every feeling that would come up are ok. The feeling that both of you were with us, feelt like you two read the room, taking in what was going on the energy, feelings etc.Loved the meditations Patrik guided. Patrik and Mirjam you were the best guides to have on this beginers joruny. After the event I feelt safe, strong and humble for the beauty that humans can bring to each other. I hope Mirjam comes back so you two can keep creating safe spaces for tantra beginers!!!

I appreciated the combination of tantra and mindfulness; it allowed me to enter in a state of deep acceptance and it was very useful to go back to that state after each exploration/exercise. All the explorations and input from the teachers were well calibrated and orchestrated in a manner that the escalation to the physical intimacy felt as a natural and easy final step. I have already done some work with Patrik, so I was familiar with his ability to create an atmosphere of calmness, gratitude and safety, which is why I decided to join the workshop. Without his presence the workshop would not have been the same 🙂 It was a pleasure to meet Mirjam for the first time. Her charisma and energy are contagious and she comes through as strong, soft, knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring and fun <3 I am now following her and hope to do some more explorations with her.

Finding Life in embracing Death

The natural feature of life is that everything births into existence, is present for a while and then dies. Seasons, flowers, days, thoughts, feelings, emotions, human bodies…all follow this natural cycle of Becoming – Being – Dying and Becoming again.

It takes a lot of courage to trust this cycle, but if we can embrace impermanence and acknowledge death as part of existence it will bring us to the present moment. We recognise love, intimacy and aliveness as parts of who we are.

What will be our focal point in this training?

In this Retreat we will explore the natural cycle of Becoming, Being & Dying and the Fear that comes with it.

Our exploration will not be an intellectual one only, we will mainly dive into the theme of Impermanence through embodied experience.

We will practice (silent) sitting, visualization, movement, breathwork, sensory awareness, being in nature, linking, inquiry and writing.

Are you willing to look in the eye of fear? Facing The Fear that comes with being human? Together we will hold a safe space for every one of us to gently explore what it’s like to let go of control and to be held in the midst of fear and grief. Surrendering to the cycle of life and death.

A substantial part of the Retreat will take place in silence.

For whom is this training?

The On Death, Love & Life Retreat is open for men and women (regardless of sexual orientation), singles and (occasional) couples, minimum age 20 yrs.

This Retreat is for you if you aim for full spiritual liberation, awakening to the true nature of who you (already) are and/or if you want to experience your life to be more peaceful, free, alive, intimate, joyful.

A prerequisite for this Retreat is a light foundation in (classical) Tantra. An advised Tantra program is our 3-day Foundational Tantra training (hosted both in the Netherlands as well as in Sweden); a likewise study/practice in another spiritual lineage is sufficient too. Some experience with personal development is recommended.

If you’re in doubt whether this Retreat is suitable for you at this moment, please get in touch with Mirjam.

This retreat will be offered in English.

Meet your teachers

// Mirjam Maëla

Mirjam holds a master in Psychology and is trained as a coach specialized in working with language of the body.

Over 18 years now she studies and practices Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhism) mainly at Rigpa and with Jan Geurtz. Nowadays her main interest lies in Śaiva Tantra, studying and practicing these profound teachings with Hareesh Christopher Wallis and Daniel Odier.

“There’s grace in the process of opening to our authentic beauty. I feel fortunate and grateful that I can provide people a safe space for exploring, releasing and expanding. Over and over again I feel a sense of wonder if I see people courageously open up to their true nature; fully embodied, intimate with all of life’s flavors”.

“Mirjam is full of wisdom to share”

More about Mirjam: https://houseofbeing.one/


// Patrik Hansson

Patrik is a teacher of Vipassanā, mindfulness meditation and qigong. He brings his experience across many disciplines together in his work as a coach, facilitator and trainer. He currently studies with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He is passionate about creating safe spaces that enable deep learning and transformation. He loves to share practical tools and profound teachings.

“Patrik har ett sätt som direkt får en att känna lugn. Jag deltog på en av hans kurser och det var den kanske bästa investeringen jag gjort!”

More about Patrik: https://framelessmeditation.se/



The Retreat is hosted in the beautiful Lakeside Retreat Center in Glaskogen Nature Reserve, Sweden. 

Lakeside Retreat Center is a true gem. The Retreat Center offers two comfortable rooms for our Tantric work as well as beautiful outside areas that will invite us to rest in our true nature.    

The grounded spaciousness of the Lakeside land supports our work in a powerful way. See more info on their website.


Sunday, September 24, 2023, 5:00 PM –

Saturday, September 30, 2023, 3:00 PM




SEK 9250

SEK 1750 deposit upon registration, SEK 7500 payable by August 15th, 2023

Registration after August 15th requires payment in full.

You can find our Payment terms and Cancellation policy here.

Join us in both our Foundational Tantra Training (either in the Netherlands or in Sweden) as well as this profound Retreat. We offer you a discount of € 100 | SEK 1000 on the total investment. Email us if you are interested; Dutch participants can get in touch with Mirjam and Swedish participants with Patrik.

We don’t want financial challenges to prevent anyone from participating. Contact Mirjam or Patrik  if you want to discuss paying in installments.



6 days profound Retreat Program

6 nights in a shared room

3 beautiful organic & vegetarian meals a day

tea, fruit and nuts 


Single room supplement € 250 (there is only one single room available)

If you want to make use of a single room please inform us by email.

Travel costs to/from the Lakeside Retreat Center 

More info on how to get there, you can find here

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Secure your spot by:

  1. Sending an email to patrik@framelessmeditation.com
  2. Sending a Swish payment (1750 SEK) to Frameless Meditation AB: 123 241 02 56.

You will receive a confirmation email with further information.


Are you wondering whether this training will suit you at this moment in your life or do you have any practical questions, please get in touch with us.

/ Patrik & Mirjam



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