Improve your relating & live your inner truth

Master the principles of Non-Violent Communication

The basics of NVC

NVC, made famous by Marshall Rosenberg, has helped bridge countless conflicts by increasing understanding and removing obstacles to true Relating. It is not a technique to end disagreements, but rather a method designed to increase empathy and improve the quality of life of those who utilize the method and the people around them.

Violence is a common occurrence in most human societies. It is not exclusive to war zones and oppressive governments, but can be observed in our everyday language. The insight behind NVC is that we can use certain “tricks” to increase our awareness and reduce the violence in our communication and relating.

In order to master these tricks, we need to learn to differentiate between these key components of our human experience:

Observations / Facts

Feelings / Sensations

Thoughts / Judgement

Needs /

Requests / Strategies

Essence / Being

What do you need?

“When we are in contact with our feelings and needs, we humans no longer make good slaves and underlings.”

We all share a set of universal human needs

The drive behind our actions are attempts of fulfilling our needs

How we feel depends upon whether or not our needs are met

We all enjoy contributing given that it occurs voluntarily




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