Experience the healing power of nature

Nature has the capacity to remind us of our natural state and heal the wounds caused by being disconnection from our source 🌍
Welcome to true Nature
The best gift you can give your co-workers

Forest therapy, Shinrin-Yoku, Grounding in Nature

Joy, Peace, Inspiration

We spend most of our time in problem solving and directed attention. This capacity easily gets exhausted. Being in Nature acts as a medicin by opening us up to wonder and soft fascination.

Science is catching up

Study after study confirm what we have always known. Spending time in nature reduces stress, prevents disease and boosts healing. The forest is the ultimate therapist.

Just take a bath!

It can be easy to find peace and inspiration in the forest. Get out there, open your senses and follow your intuition. Let the forest guide you back to your natural state.

Check out this FRAME:

Tack för en otrolig upplevelse att bara få vara och omfamnas av total avslappning och stillhet i en annars prestationsinriktad och stressig omvärld.