Embody the posture, experience zen

How we sit greatly affects the quality of our meditation. The meditative state can be seen a reflection of how we hold our body. In the following 2 exercises, you will learn the inner and outer posture of meditation.

Note : The instructions are meant to facilitate your practice, not to enforce an “ideal form”. Don’t push yourself or force a particular outcome. Listen to your body and build the posture from the inside out.

Zen in body, mind and awareness

An overview of the 3 dimensions of the practice:

1. Body

The outer posture consists of a few pointers to help establish a foundation and container for the experience:

  • Stable foundation
  • Hand mudra
  • Open spine
  • Melting tension
  • Open chest and soft abdomen

2. Mind

The inner posture has to do with the way we hold our mind:

  • Attention on the natural breath
  • Follow the sense of releasing and sinking on each outbreath
  • Allow the breath to settle in the lower abdomen (lower dantian / hara)
  • When the mind wanders, gently return to the breath

3. Awareness

The final aspect of the posture has to do with how we relate to our experience during meditation:

  • Becoming the witness
  • Relating to discomfort and distraction with firmness and kindness (“training the puppy”)
  • Finding the middle point between chaos and rigidity
  • Cultivating the meditative state

2 exercises to establish your meditation posture

Begin by listening to the first recording for a few days in a row:

Zen posture of meditation – Part 1:

Once your body and mind have become familiar with the posture, move on to the second exercise:

Zen posture of meditation – Part 2:

Once you have integrated all three dimensions of the posture, you can begin experimenting with sitting in silence. Simply put a timer and relax into your meditation.

Establish a daily routine; consistency is more important than length. Feel free to experiment with the duration, but don’t push yourself. It will not take long until you feel the effects . Once you taste the benefits of the practice, you will not want to skip a single sitting!

Enter the world of qi

Enter the world of qi
The path of the body