How trust invites peace and wellbeing into our lives

Trust is often mistaken for naivety, or taken as an encouragement to blindly believe in something for which there are no evidence. But trust is deeper than that. As we start trusting our capacity to deal with the challenges that life throws at us, we develop a sense of “staying on course” with the flow of life. In other words, trust is about coming back to own inner guidance.

Becoming trustworthy

When we embody the attitude of trust, we find peace and relaxation. It’s not that everything will happen the way we want them to. Trust is the sense that things happen as they should, and that we are able to deal with them (to stay on course). We can begin to let go of obsessive need for control. 

Cultivating trust

Trust is a capacity that can be trained. In mindfulness practice, we learn to come back to our experience in the present moment. This teaches us to appreciate things we otherwise take for granted, such as our immensely complex bodily functions and our inherent capacity to get through difficulties.

As we get a taste of the attitude of trust, we start building a momentum that enables us to expand trust and peace into other domains of our lives.

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