This Frame includes 6 short live recordings about mindfulness as a tool for shadow integration and remembering our wholeness.

Remembering our wholeness

[1/6] The light of awareness Consciousness, agency and response-ability

The practice of mindfulness is about shining the light of awareness and embracing what we see. Through this process we become conscious of what was previously hidden in the dark, enabling us to gain agency and take conscious action (response-ability).

[2/6] “The obstacle is the path” ⎮ Shadows and blindspots

Through mindfulness, we enlighten our experience with the light of awareness. By turning things from the unconscious into the conscious, we encounter shadows and hidden mind patterns. These are not to be seen as faults or “problems” – they are all part of the path of mindfulness. The obstacle is the path.

[3/6] Facing our shadow side ⎮ Healing, integration, individuation

Using the psychotechnology of mindfulness allows us to look beneath the surface of our conscious attention and work with unconscious beliefs and suppressed emotions (shadows). Bringing these parts back into the light leads to healing, integration and individuation – becoming who we really are as individuals.

[4/6] Loving awareness ⎮ The witness and “suchness”

Mindfulness is the loving awareness that enables us to hold our experience with care and compassion. It is the way in which we meet and befriend the present moment, seeing it as a gift to our evolution. This quality of awareness enables us to shine light on our experience, detach from our mental stories about it and to see it for what it is – holding it with loving awareness.

[5/6] The magick of mindfulness ⎮ Seeing what is there & the collective unconscious

Loving awareness enables us to behold and integrate what we otherwise neglect and suppress. Through the practice of mindfulness, we turn the light of awareness to our actual experience discover what is right in front of our eyes – this is the magick of mindfulness. Not only do we discover our personal shadows, but we start seeing through the veil of our cultural conditioning and the deeper layers of the collective unconscious.

[6/6] Opening doors ⎮ Remembering our wholeness and living from Being

When we can be with what is, life begins to open up. This is a process of withdrawing projections and integrating shadows. We gain access to the life force that has been caught up in the suppression and repression of what we are not willing to hold and include into the light of awareness. We become more whole. We re-invite and remember. This is mindfulness (Sati): to RE-MEMBER our original state of Being. As we live the path of mindfulness, we live more fully and open up doors to live more fully with more access to our essential qualities and to presence itself.

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Coming back to our senses